Reaching Out with Reiki

stairway_in_garden_by_anankkml_of_freedigitalphotosdotnetWhen we think of who can benefit from Reiki and its meditative base in practice, our thoughts reach expansively: anyone and everyone.  Many Professional Reiki Practitioners are an adjunct to hospitals, health, and medical practices, either as an employee/Facilitator/Practitioner, contractor/per diem, or volunteer.  Cancer centers, hospice, and palliative care programs are often thought of as ideal recipients of Reiki as well, particularly for volunteer practice.

As we consider additional tiers in this radiating reach of Reiki, it all boils down to who needs healing.  On some level, we all do, whether physical or physiological, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. Healing is not necessarily cure, but the effects can be exponential; at the very minimum, Reiki aids in relaxation.  Deepening our focus to outreach, and from a community perspective, being aware of organizations locally who are in the business of and/or pursuit of helping others who are suffering from trauma, abuse, and/or addiction, we can open ourselves up to yet another plane of compassionate service in the healing process.

Partnering as a complement through Reikian addition to, not a replacementto other medical, psychological, or recovery centers and practices is an ideal way to contribute holistically.  Consider your local or regional addiction treatment organizations: as Reiki assists in stress reduction, relaxation, and improvement of anxiety and nausea symptoms, so too may it aid as an adjunct to drug and alcohol detox protocols as a wellness partner.  Shelters for abused women and children, adoption agencies and foster homes, counseling centers, physical therapy centers, Veterans’ agencies and PTSD treatment and re-entry organizations could all benefit from the compassionate well-being and balancing that Reiki treatments provide. Hospital emergency room personnel, Police, 911 Call Centers, EMT, Fire and Rescue service personnel, attorneys, parole officers, and human and social services organizations all deal with prolonged stress in their fields.  Any and all of these, as well as many others could welcome in-person treatments or Distance Reiki.

Just as Animal Reiki Practitioners reach out to local animal shelters, veterinarians, and humane societies to introduce, advocate, and educate about Reiki—of which benefits both human, animal, and all living things—there is also much to champion for within many therapeutic venues for human services as well.  Many of them are undiscovered, or underserved. How about Reiki treatments for companion animal training and placement services, aiding both human and animal as they become a therapeutic team?  How about a presentation at a local seniors center, teacher’s board meeting, or town council? We often think of longer-term treatment in our scope as practitioners, but even a brief respite is valuable. As we consider the comprehensive needs of our communities, our perspective broadens and widens avenues—as vast and inclusive as Reiki itself.

The path to well-being is different for every be-ing; Reiki assists in bringing harmony and balance to the journey.

What other organizations or fields can we introduce and/or share Reiki with as a Professional Practitioner or Volunteer?


Lori McClellan is a Reiki Master Teacher/RMT, Reiki Practitioner/RP,lori_mcclellan_reiki_headshot_3in_300dpi
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