An Open Letter

Originally Published 27 May 2015

An Open Letter, with Open Arms, to the Suffering, Sick, and Afflicted

heart_from_leaves_photokanok_of_freedigitalphotosdotnet2Pain…  We take it upon our hearts, our minds, perhaps our bodies.  When we’ve tried all that is asked of us to the point of exhaustion to heal, including faith, prayer, the blessings of others—to no avail—yet we suffer further, so we ask, “What should I have done differently?  Am I meant to live in pain and suffering without parole?”  So we settle in to defining ourselves by sickness or lack, this malnourishment of the human experience.  It isn’t meant to be this way, this self-affixed punishment, this harassment of the helpful self, as we are all meant to heal—to be healing, as we are already entirely whole.

Let us not be short-sighted in believing healing is only health-related.  Let us remember we are not the sum of our parts—healthy, or otherwise.  We are pure awareness, which constitutes an amazing testament to preserve ourselves against the conflagration of our essence—in being our true nature, our pure, authentic self—as we are limitless.  That being said, we may ask how that applies in the here and now, where life may feel limited by gravity, by trials, and by doubt.

So we listen.

Broadly speaking, we tune-in to the stillness within.  It’s in there, and has been there, all along.  Let it be our hearts, our spirit, and our forgiveness of limiting our truth by being bound by boundaries of will.  May we cast this self-imposed prison to the wind, and embrace the freedom that comes from being open to receive—to let “It is what it is” become a declaration of unparalleled beauty.

In its purest state, this desire to heal is a cry out to the universe to be loved.  To have love.  To be love.  And we are loved, truly.

Joining together along this path of re-discovery is a most-joyful experience, of which gratitude is the clarifying measure.

Love Lori

In the spirit of love, The Nature of BEing: A Healing Journey came to fruition.  It is a memoir cultivated over five years of intense suffering and reflection, taken from deep within and poured out in abundance.  It is a communal message of inner truth: that love is lasting, and the self in healing is not really the self at all, but the WE of Well-BEing.  It also chronicles Lori’s path of Reiki.

“My physical well-being is only a fraction of my healing equation, and of who I am as a person in this multi-dimensional existence.” —Excerpt from The Nature of BEing: A Healing Journey

“When we live as we breathe—in essential expansion—we release the self-defined parameters and walls, the quantified and compartmentalized. We then are free to roam about the consciousness that is our healing experience.” —Excerpt from The Nature of BEing: A Healing Journey

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