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Please Note: The following words of kindness were offered by clients in response to Reiki treatments.  The Practitioner acts as an aide, or conduit for Reiki; it is the energy of Reiki itself that is the aid that facilitates a return in balance of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as promote self-healing.  Reiki energy goes where the client needs it most.  The Practitioner is not taking credit for the outcome, but simply posting testimonials for educational purposes, to show the holistic benefits of Reiki for people and animals.


“From the moment I met Lori I felt the good energy coming from her and her calm and friendly personality made a first impression even better.  And it lasted through all the sessions!

After first session I felt incredibly balanced and happy.  The feeling was inside and affected everyone around me in the very positive way.  After second session I felt it was very healing with my issues.  Since session 3 I started feeling my own very strong energy vibes that I could use to add an extra healing aids between sessions with Lori.  Further session increased my intuition and psychic skills that were asleep for a while till I met Lori.  Lori sessions are very healing and pleasant — I hope you will enjoy it and it will contribute greatly your health and overall well being.”

— LS, Santa Clara County, CA

“Thank you, Lori, for my lovely distance Reiki session! I really enjoyed it. During the session the energy felt warm and comforting. I first noticed a cloud-like presence followed by a dense sensation that began to build in my right shoulder where I carry a lot of my stress. It reminded me to intentionally drop my shoulders. I felt very calm and relaxed—at peace during and after the session.

I’ve had back problems for over 25 years. I’m happy to say that after the session my back felt stable and strong in spite of being in the midst of several very stressful life situations. In the past, my back went out when I was faced with that amount of stress. I also developed rosacea earlier this year. My complexion looks sunburned with dark purple bumps that resemble a severe case of acne. Everything seems to aggravate it, even plain water. After the session my skin looked better and was not as red or blotchy. What a huge improvement!

This was my first time receiving distance Reiki. I highly recommend your Reiki treatments. Thank you for making me feel so well cared for. I really appreciate it.”

— CS, San Bernardino County, California

Thank you for sending distance Reiki to my 15-year old Brittany Spaniel mix, Star. I couldn’t be happier! She was diagnosed with a degenerative disk disease two years ago. Overnight she went from being active to losing her ability to get up or walk without assistance from a sling supporting her hind end.  I treated her with homeopathy, low-dose pain medication, Reiki and other energy work which enables her to walk and jump on the bed without my help. Occasionally she’ll backslide and some of the initial symptoms return, but usually she responds quickly to homeopathy. Several days before her distance Reiki session she became unusually quiet, slept a lot, and her hind end began to look unstable. It felt different than previous times. I was quite concerned about her.

Star is very sensitive to energy. She prefers Reiki at a distance over hands-on work. I could tell she was aware of the energy you sent her during the session. She stayed awake the entire time. Usually she’s a shallow breather, but during the session she took deep, audible breaths. At times she lay upright and looked back at me like she does when I send the energy from across the room. I sat in a nearby chair and observed her during the entire session, but did not participate. Several times during the session she paddled and stretched out her front paws or rubbed the back of her neck on the floor like she used to do when she was about to roll on her back.

Immediately after the session she slept soundly for the rest of the afternoon. Later she was perky, happy and couldn’t wait to go outside. What a difference! She was able to put it in reverse and turn around easily – previously a difficult thing for her to do during a backslide. She responds similarly to her homeopathic remedy, but I hadn’t given her any. Clearly she responded to the Reiki you sent. Thank you for such a wonderful treatment, Lori! Star and I are eternally grateful.”

— CS, San Bernardino County, California


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