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reiki_space_purple_japanese_flower_logo_2_5_in_FINALRight Now.  Being present, in the moment—and inter-BE-ing—is Mindfulness, which is a breath of fresh air. The Reiki Space™ considers this a fluid practice, and our logo reflects this.

The design of the universe is mindful.  Reiki can be a mindful practice, which is why our logo is a mindful emblem of Reiki itself and its benefits, in the yellow-orange and purple energy “burst” above the far right letter “i,” in that it is comprised of elongated figure 8s clustered in the shape of a circle, centered by two smaller circles, which each depict infinity, as Reiki’s range is endless.

The chamfered edges of these figure 8s denote three facets of a diamond, a significant imagery in traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, as we are all “polishing our diamonds” through our daily practice.  These three edges of these “petals” of the logo denote the three levels of Reiki training, as well as The Three Diamonds, a foundational technique in Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Coming up from the green “stem” of the “i,” the appearance of perhaps a “flower” is intentional, symbolizing personal growth and development of not just the client or student, but of the practitioner and teacher as well, as dedicated, daily self-practice of Reiki by the practitioner and teacher is integral to providing dedicated Reiki practice and teaching for the client and student.  Additionally, while there is no association of color depicting Ki—which means “energy” in Japanese and in Usui Reiki Ryoho—color is without a doubt at the heart of Lori McClellan, as a lifelong Artist, Painter and Designer.  Because of this, the colors chosen of  yellow-orange, green and purple, are reflections of The Three Diamonds, or: Earth Ki, Heart Ki and Heaven Ki, respectively.  They also represent colors of our natural world—another lifelong importance to Lori, as well as integral to Reiki itself—of the sky (dusky violet at sunset, for instance), earth (new grass green, or moss), and vibrancy of the sun (or of all be-ings—yellow-orange).

reiki_space_purple_japanese_flower_crest-01Usui Reiki Ryoho is a traditional, Japanese practice.  The flower is an oft-used element in many aspects of classical, Japanese fine art and design, often signifying purity, or devotion, love, gratitude, respect, trust, or longevity, depending upon the flower.  The flower as a symbol of importance evokes strong emotion, which is why this central element of The Reiki Space™ logo has such a layered meaning.  Our yellow-orange and purple “energy burst/flower” element is used as an icon in social media.  This is a nod to the Japanese crest, which is usually a simple design, but highly symbolic and impactful in its succinctness.


Our Training Studio/Dojo Hanko (a “seal,” or “stamp” in Japanese), depicting “The Place of the Way of Reiki” and “Reiki Dojo” in kanji, partnered with the watercolor, “Koi” offers a nod to Japanese Arts tradition, as well as honoring our Reiki Lineage.  Koi are ever-present in Japanese culture and design.  They symbolize peaceful grace, both qualities that bring a holistic connection to the meaningful practice of Reiki.  Fish in a group also comprise a “school,” an important design element and nod to its purpose of lifelong learning and community.  Additionally, the koi in this hanko/logo is a watercolor painting by Lori McClellan from 2009.  It was part of a series of Koi paintings offering a message of deep meaning to the artist.

About our thoughtful tagline, The Reiki Space: Well-being Wherever We Are™, it is an actively engaged representation of the purpose of The Reiki Space™, which is to facilitate well-being wherever we are in life, in health, and on the Earth (or in the universe, or existence).  Since Reiki treatments can be offered in-person, or at a distance, the logistical explanation of, “wherever we are” on Earth (or even existence) comes into play, as Reiki Distance treatments can be offered across town, across the U.S., or anywhere on the planet to people, animals, or circumstance, building upon this community of care.  Reiki can benefit all living things.

Our second tagline of, The Reiki Space: The Place of the Way of Reiki™ is equally representative of both our practice and the teaching style of our Training Dojo.  It is a peaceful mindset—a grounded way of inter-being, partnered with learning something truly meaningful in an art.  The Reiki Space™ considers the instruction in The Way of traditional, Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho with mindful intent, offering a harmonious learning environment and relaxed, warm teaching style that facilitates the educational needs unique to the individual in a collective setting.

This visual identity of The Reiki Space™ was created by our Founder, Reiki Master Teacher and Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner, Lori McClellan, Principal of McClellan Creative, a graphic design, PR and marcom firm.  We hope you too will enjoy its multifaceted imagery and deeper meaning.

Thank you for considering The Reiki Space: Well-being Wherever We Are™

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The Reiki Space™ and the Usui Reiki Ryoho System promote relaxation, which may facilitate better health and self-healing; however, no guarantees are given, nor implied.  Lori McClellan, The Reiki Space™ practice, practitioners, teachers, teachings, treatments, or any of its digital or print media are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider(s) when experiencing symptoms or health problems, or before starting any new treatment.

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